Do you sign each book?

I sign each book sold on this site. This was started at the request of some of my fans. I am honored that some of my readers want signed copies of the books.

Why should I order from this site?

Some people simply do not (and will not) buy from Amazon and requested I find an alternative to Amazon. This site is the answer I came up with for those people.

Where are the ebook/Kindle books?

Great question. I enroll all my books in the Amazon Kindle Unlimited program. One of the Amazon requirements is that all ebooks be sold exclusively through Amazon. Note that this is only for ebooks, that's why I am allowed to sell the paperbacks here.

For those not familiar with the Kindle Unlimited program, it allows readers to read as many books as they want on their ereader/Kindle device for a fixed amount every month. The monthly cost at the time I wrote this answer is $10.00. Personally I think it's a fantastic deal for people, like me, who read a lot.

What about shipping?

I ship all books sold through my Shopify store using the U.S. Postal Service. I use the Media Mail® rate to keep costs down.

Shipping charges as well as any taxes will be added to the book price shown on this site.

I try to ship all orders within 24 hours of receipt. This excludes weekends and holidays. 

If you have any questions about your order, please email me at nicki@nickihuntsmansmith.com.

Does the price shown include taxes?

Taxes are not included in the price shown. If your state requires me to collect taxes, then the taxes will be added automatically by Shopify. If your shipping address is in Texas, taxes will be added.